In North Texas we don’t get really extreme cold weather often, but when we do, it has a deep affect on us because we are seldom prepared for it.

Below are some tips to help keep your home safe for water pipe breaks.

  1. Cover outside faucets with covers.  If all store bought covers are sold out, you can wrap the faucet with towels and secure with duct tape.
  2. Keep home heated.  Do not lower thermostat even if away on vacation or extended time away from home.
  3. Know how to shut off water main valve.  If water pipe break occurs, know the procedure to shut off the water main value.  If large build up of water, call a water restoration company and my office.
  4. If below freezing for an extended time, keep faucets inside home dripping and open all cabinets with plumbing that face the outside walls.  Water flow inside the house keeps pipes from freezing.
  5. Keep garage closed.
  6. Turn off the yards water sprinkler.
  7. Wipe inside windows of condensation.  Water can build up around the windows if they are old or drafty.  If moisture is left on window seals, water and mold damage can occur.