How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpeting is expensive, so you want to maintain your carpet long term. Keeping carpet clean is an ongoing project, but with time and dedication you can have clean carpeting for years to come. Regular cleaning is key. Vacuuming and professional cleaning are important for a clean carpet. Take action to prevent stains, such as removing your shoes in the home. Work on preventing damage to the carpet by avoiding certain habits, like rubbing stains and using carpet powders.

Cleaning Your Carpet Regularly

  1. Vacuum regularly. Dirt and debris gets caught in carpet easily, and can cause damage if left in carpet long term. Regular vacuuming is one of the best means to keep carpet clean. Invest in a quality vacuum and regularly give your carpet a thorough vacuuming.
    Vacuum about once a week. Make sure to cover all areas of the carpet, including under furniture and rugs.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda on the floor prior to vacuuming. Baking soda can help absorb odors. This can keep your carpet smelling fresh in addition to looking clean. Prior to vacuuming, sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet. Pay particular focus to areas giving off a strong scent
  3. Treat stains as soon as they occur. If you notice a stain, tackle it right away. Any kind of spill requires swift action before the substance sets in. Apply your chosen cleaner to the spill and gently blot it out with a clean rag. Keeping blotting the spill until its dry and then vacuum the area. Make sure to use a white or neutral colored towel to clean the stain. You do not want to get dye on your carpeting. If you don’t want to use a chemical-based cleaner, a combination of vinegar and club soda usually works on stains. Mix equal parts vinegar and club soda and then apply to the stain
  4. Have the carpet professionally cleaned on occasion. Even with weekly vacuuming, carpeting does get dirty over time. Professional cleaning is necessary on occasion. While this can be pricey, it’s worth it to maintain the integrity of your carpet. Twice a year, have carpeting professionally cleaned. You can find professional cleaners online or in the yellow pages. Always read reviews to make sure a cleaning company has a good reputation before selecting a cleaner.

Preventing Stains and Spills

  1. Use rugs and runners. Carpeting is exposed to a lot of dirt and other contaminants. In order to protect carpet, make use of area rugs and runners. You do not have to cover all your carpeting. However, areas where spills are likely would benefit from a rug or runner.
    For example, you can place a rug under a dining room table. If you have young children, place your area rug where they typically play.
  2. Train your pet and use repellents. Pet urine gives a unpleasant smell and in a long run the odor of urine will be the worst and difficult to be dealt with. So, train your pet to urinate outdoors and you may use repellents on your carpet. Repellents acts effectively to keep your pets away from the carpet. You may find commercial repellents and also you can use white vinegar, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol as repellent agents.
  3. Remove your shoes when entering your home. Shoes should never be worn on carpeting. This is an easy to way to track in dirt from outside. Always remove your shoes when you enter your home. Encourage guests to do the same. Have a place to set shoes upon entering the home that’s away from your carpeting.
  4. Keep common sources of stains away from your carpet. You do not want to bring items like wine, food, or other beverages near the carpet. Eat and drink over tiled or wood floors in your home. If you have young children, encourage them to play away from the carpeting. The easiest way to deal with stains is to prevent them from occurring

Avoiding Common Mistakes

  1. Avoid carpet powders. Powders are often sold to eliminate unwanted scents on the carpet. However, such powders leave residue in the carpet which can damage it over time. Stick to baking soda if you want to remove an unwanted smell. If there is a particularly bad smell that does not come out with baking soda, use powder very sparingly.
  2. Do not rub stains. When removing a stain, stick to blotting motions. Never rub a stain. This will not remove the stain. It will only succeed in rubbing the stain into the carpet, making it worse
  3. Stay away from discount carpet cleaners. When it comes to carpet cleaning, you get what you pay for. Discount cleaners often do a quick and sloppy job. They may leave soap and debris in your carpet, causing the damage in the long run. It’s worth paying a little more for a higher quality carpet cleaning company. Remember, while carpet cleaning is expensive, you only need to have it done twice a year.
  4. Test cleaners on a small portion of your carpet before use. When using cleaners to remove stains, find a small portion your carpet that’s out of sight. Apply a small amount of cleaner here. Make sure the cleaner does not damage your carpet before using it on other areas of your home

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