Buying a new house implies a fresh beginning, marked by excitement and freedom of choice. This is especially true when it comes to decorating; your home will be a white artist’s canvas, which you will have to imprint. In today’s post we will focus on a variety of features that should enhance your enthusiasm when it comes to designing your new crib.

Unlike homes built decades ago, most new flats and residences in some countries come with a little extra, developed to maximize the comfort of modern living. These units are usually more energy-efficient and interior design-wise, more practical. If you are planning on buying a new home soon, you can have a look at many helpful suggestions on Start Fresh. Without any further ado, let’s have a look at some of the particular benefits:

Open Plan Living Space
Newly constructed buildings have a layout that is significantly different than that of common houses built forty or fifty years ago. The open plan living and dining space is very popular nowadays, as it allows family and friends to talk and entertain within an airy, large social zone. No more curling near the small coffee table or fighting over limited seating when watching TV.

A new modern house provides many options for seating in the generously-sized living room, most of which can be particularly comfortable and soothing. Another advantage of an open-plan layout- this time for families with children- is that parents can watch over their young ones, while cooking or working.

Higher Ceilings
Modern buildings promote space and openness. The vertical dimension of a room can set a sophisticated tone for the entire residence. Buying a new house in today’s real estate market often comes with having impressive walls to decorate. And what could be more appealing than letting your imagination loose and coming up with a perfect design for a house with royal interiors?

There are many ways to benefit from this major “gift of space”. Make sure you allow as much natural light in as possible through tall windows partially covered in breezy curtains, find clever ways to mix storage ideas in the overall design and feel free to jazz up the place with color.

Fixtures and Fittings
That’s right, fixtures and fittings can make a big difference when it comes to designing a home. In a new place you can choose your own, go for items with warranty and not have to worry about their short life span. All those rails, hooks and fastenings can add a great finishing touch to your home and just imagine what you can do with the lighting! When dealing with large interiors, you can use chandeliers, lamps or spotlights to enhance the space visually or in some cases, divide it spatially. Either way, you’re in for some spectacular results!

Larger Bathrooms
High ceilings and extensive living zones are not the only special benefits of new homes. Another perk is having a large bathroom (almost twice the size of the common house in the 80s for example). Twin sinks, large bathtub for two, pebble decorations and plenty of storage space- all these subtly blended in a room meant to spoil the senses.

More Storage Space
There is a major trend towards hiding day to day objects behind creative units which, in turn, can also be tucked away from sight. Recently built homes are equipped (or at least they should offer) many ingenious ways to constantly keep the house looking spotless. And with space not being an issue, storage can be “offered” to home users in many ways.

Floor to ceiling closets in the bedrooms, cabinets that pop out of kitchen countertops, classy wooden drawers in the bathroom- all these were probably not a given decades back. And with the help of clever shelving and sliding doors, you can keep everything in perfect order and out of sight.

Freedom to choose maintenance level
Feel free to let your enthusiasm carry you away in the land of design possibilities. A modern, open-plan home is likely to make each of them come to life. However, take some time to ask yourself how much effort you are willing to invest in your new home. If you have small children and pets, do not decorate your home with glass and do not use intricate picture frames, unless you are willing to spend a lot of time dusting.

It is the little things that may cause you difficulties later, so analyzing the overall visual and functional attributes of each furniture piece and decorating object can come in handy in the long term. The desired comfort level is probably a lot easier to achieve in a new home than in an old building, providing you arm yourself with creativity and positive thinking.

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