How to Illuminate Your Yard With Landscape Lighting

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Create a stunning landscape that can be enjoyed during the day and night with inventive outdoor lighting solutions. Define the Purpose for Landscape Lighting Before you invest in any landscape lighting, ask yourself what your purposes are for wanting illumination in your backyard. Perhaps you want to set a soft, romantic mood during the evening [...]

7 Ways to Power Your Home With Renewable Energy

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Unless you're filthy rich, you're probably always on the lookout for ways to save a couple bucks. One of the best ways to cut your monthly bills is by investing in renewable energy. Not from the power plant, but stuff you can scare up yourself. Using renewable energy to power your home can reduce or [...]

How to Keep Fleas and Ticks Out of Your Home

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Like any pet owner, you want to keep fleas and ticks from bothering your pet and moving in to your home. Infestations can take weeks or months to control. But by taking some precautions, you can prevent them from starting in the first place. These four steps can help you make your home less inviting [...]

Cut Your Summer Cooling Costs

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Heating and cooling your home makes up nearly half of your energy bill, says the U.S. Department of Energy. Right now, you might be enjoying low utility bills, especially if you live in a climate with perfect spring weather. But the “I can’t believe it’s this hot!” summer days are coming. Soon, you’ll run the [...]

The Easiest Way to Start Composting

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Bigger produce, prettier flowers and a healthier garden can come at no extra cost to you. Composting not only reduces trash in landfills, but also improves your backyard at home. Follow our easy steps and you'll be amazed at the change in your garden — and the amount of garbage you throw away. 1. Set [...]

Battling Allergies Starts at Home

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Allergy sufferers can't do much to control sidewalk-coating tree pollen and other outdoor factors that trigger sniffles and sneezes. Indoors, though, it's a different story. Decorating choices and proper cleaning can help to minimize both seasonal allergens and year-round offenders such as dust and mold, said New York interior designer Robin Wilson, who learned tips [...]

Mosquito Season Is Upon Us

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INSPECTION If you’re dealing with a mosquito problem, chances are there isn’t much inspection needing to be done because if you’re getting bit, they’ve found you before you’ve found them. But what is more important in this phase is being able to pinpoint where the mosquitos are hiding and where their breeding grounds are and [...]

How to Prepare Your Lawn & Garden for Spring in 6 Simple Steps

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Winter is finally over, which means it’s time to put away the snow shovels and start thinking about spring projects, such as your lawn. Winter weather can leave your grass, shrubs and trees weak and hungry, especially after months of lying dormant under a blanket of ice and snow. If you want them to come [...]

5 Best Flooded Yard Solutions

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Having a lovely yard is the dream of every homeowner. Landscaping can enhance the appeal of a yard, but without proper drainage this can all be under water with just one rain shower. The chances of this happening will increase if your home is located at the base of a slope. If the water in [...]