10 Uses For Rain Water

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Collecting your own rainwater is an excellent way to conserve this precious resource. A basic rainwater collection system catches rainwater from your roof or other surface and channels it into a container for storage. Rainwater itself is generally clean, but it can pick up microorganisms, pollutants and debris when it hits your roof. This is [...]

Twelve Ways To Save Energy And Money

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Energy takes a huge bite out of household budgets, with the typical family spending about $2200 each year on utility bills. Because saving energy and money go hand in hand, the non-profit Consumer Federation of America came up with 12 simple ways to save both. Join thousands of organizations, companies, and individuals in a nationwide [...]

How to Clean Rain Gutters

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In a downpour, a clogged roof gutter sends a cascade of water down the side of your house, making canyons of your flowerbeds and saturating your foundation. Clean gutters of leaves and debris to help prevent damage to your landscaping and siding, and to head off expensive water damage repairs to your foundation [...]

Vegetable Gardening 101

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The most common questions about gardening come from people just starting out: What do I do? How do I start? Most any experienced gardener will tell you they never stop learning, so don’t wait until you think you ‘know it all’ to get started; try following some common guidelines, get started NOW, and learn as [...]

How Often Should I Have My Home Exterminated?

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How often should I have my house treated for general pests? You need to find what works best for your home, and for your particular situation. It’s important to note that every situation will be different. If you have a lot of trees around your house, a body of water near your house, a lot [...]

Prep Your Fireplace For The Cold Season

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Colder weather is closing in on us and it won't be long before you are sitting in front of a fire snuggling with a loved one, watching a movie or just enjoying a good book. Before you get that fire going, have the piece of mind that you need that your home is safe from [...]

Prepping Your Lawn for Fall And Winter

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With autumn nearly upon us and winter rapidly approaching, you're probably not spending much time thinking about your lawn. But autumn, with its cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall, is the ideal time to prepare your lawn for next spring. Many homeowners think lawns need less care in the fall because the grass grows more slowly. [...]

End Of Winter Home Maintenance

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Winter – believe it or not – is nearing its end. And while it is quite normal to be looking forward to spring, winter does offer unique opportunities to finish some indoor tasks before the hustle and bustle of spring arrives. Let’s take a look at a select group of maintenance tasks that [...]