Fall is here and that means that leaves will soon start to turn beautiful colors and decorate our lawns in an awesome way. But this also means that those same beautiful leaves will be falling and as we all know, some of them will end up in our gutters and cause problems.

The best way to keep these leaves out of your gutters is to get a gutter protector. Here are some simple steps on how to install the protector as well as test it.


1 Slide putty knife under roof shingles that are stuck down.
2 Insert gutter protector underneath the shingles, making sure it covers the front edge of gutter.
3 Fasten gutter protector to the roof and or gutter, as specified by the manufacturer.
4 If nails or screws are used, cover each with a dab of roofing cement.
5 Seal down the shingles with roofing cement.
6 Toss dry leaves onto roof and spray with hose to simulate rain; check to make sure the leaves wash off the roof and don’t fall into the gutter.

We hope you find this helpful.